Welcome Art & Nature Lovers!

The Art & Nature Inn is a special place for those looking for a different experience.
But if you are looking for luxury, we recommend you stay at one of the other accommodations the Island has to offer.
In case you choose our Artsy Hospitality……
Welcome to our web site!

The Art & Nature Inn was created some 38 years ago by the Dutch artist
Geerdine Kuijpers.
The Inn consists of 14 uniquely designed, painted and decorated apartments. Each apartment is unique in every sense of the word: not one is alike in design, shape, or color scheme. The only thing the apartments have in common is that
they are all something special!

This web site will give you an idea of what this unique place has to offer, and how it will contribute in making your visit to Curaçao one you will not experience anywhere else.

Come and experience true

...Artsy Hospitality!


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